G-Midifier (GM02)
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Green Humidifier (Blue G-Midifier)

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G-Midifer is a new green humidifier which does not require any electricity.  October 2010, G-Midifier received an invention award organized by The Star Ledger Newspaper.



Naturally add humidity to any room of your home without increasing energy costs.  This eco-friendly alternative offers an effective way to raise overall moisture, and it is able to do so without a single bit of electricity or battery power.  This means that you don't have to worry about placing it next to an outlet, and your energy bill will not go up when it is in use.  The G-Midifier will offer the same benefits of more expensive, electronic versions, but it will help you eliminate many of the common annoyances at the same time.  There will be no loud fan to create a constant hum, and there will be no expensive filters to replace.   You also won't have to worry about over humidifying the room to cause water stains on ceilings, walls or furniture.  Despite the lack of buttons and moving parts, this simplistic and natural room humidifier will be just as good as traditional units for combating the dry air in your home in order to make it more livable.  Use one in any room to counteract the lack of moisture created by climate change or using your furnace or central AC.



With the G-Midifier, water is not blown around or ultrasonically evaporated in order for it to diffuse into the air.  It works by simple evaporation techniques, but the advanced design makes it incredibly efficient despite it's simplicity.  The entire unit is essentially a container that holds water and 13 pieces of absorbent material in an upright fashion.  The container is designed in such a way to allow for maximum air flow in all directions. The air in your home is able to flow up through the bottom of the container, and all around each piece material.  This key design feature is integral to functionality, and the secret to why it works so well.  Each piece of filter material is actually comprised of a highly absorbent polyester material that is able to soak up several times it's own weight in moisture.  These absorbent squares will wick water from below in order to completely saturate themselves.  This action vastly increases the surface area of the water in order to increase evaporation.  Once the water evaporates off the pad, it is diffused into the air and the humidity in the room goes up.  A single unit is good for a normal sized room and can easily humidify areas of up to 200 square feet.

To add water to this humidifier, you simply pour it into the bottom of the container.  The large opening at the front, and the curve of the pads makes this action easy.  Once filled, the water will disburse itself evenly, and then the white squares of material will do the rest.  Ideal placement of the unit would be over a heater or AC vent on the floor, but it can literally be used anywhere with great results.  When placed over a vent, the increased air flow will improve the effect, and allow more water to evaporate in a shorter amount of time.  The unit is the perfect size to cover the full vent, and when the air blows, it will flow up through the integrated holes and then over and through each filter.  The feet on the underside will allow for good air circulation when placed anywhere.  So, the G-Midifier will be effective even when placed on a shelf or dresser.

In order to use the G-Midifier, simply find a level place to put it, and then fill with water.  It does not need to be over an air vent, but this will increase air flow and allow it to provide more humidity.  Once placed, simply fill with about a half gallon of water.  The filters will begin to soak up moisture right away in order to evaporate it into the air, but it may take several hours for them to become fully saturated.  Once they are completely soaked, the unit will operate at full capacity until the water runs out.  If distilled or filtered water is used, it will prevent minerals and other contaminates from discoloring or otherwise dirtying the pads.  This will decrease the frequency of maintenance that is required, and increase the longevity of the pads.



Overall, this humidifier is very low maintenance.  The pads will not need replacing for several years, and the unit will not get as dirty as one with motors, fans, and other moving parts.  When it does get dirty, simply pop it in the dishwasher and it will come out clean and ready to go again.  Thanks to the container material, and the unique filter pad material, this unit will seldomly grow mold, bacteria or mildew even though it is wet all the time.  The pads can be removed for replacement or washing, and it is as easy as slipping them in or out of their respective slot.  Once you set this down the main thing you will need to worry about is keeping it full of water.  Other than that, it will provide silent and maintenance free use while eliminating harsh dry air from your home.  Dipping in diluted vinegar water without removing filters for 6-7 hours is another way of cleaning.  In a bucket of water, just pour half cup(4oz) of vinegar.  It is that simple.



This one room humidifier is inexpensive to buy, and even cheaper to operate.  There are no break downs to worry about, or expensive filters to replace all the time.  You never have to worry about too much mist being sprayed on walls or wood furniture, and the occurrence of mold, bacteria and other germs is greatly reduced in comparison.  Whats even better is that there are no plugs to worry about or skyrocketing energy bills to pay later.  The G-Midifier will naturally maintain a comfortable humidity level between 25-55% without any control panels or dials to set.  Thanks to the portable and lightweight design, you can also move this unit to any room in order to always have it right where you need it.  It will not get dirty as fast as traditional units do, but when it does you will be able to let your dishwasher or diluted vinegar water clean it for you.

The concept is simple, but the results are remarkable.  Stop wasting money on high electricity bills, or expensive humidifiers that only cause frustration while offering mediocre results.  Place this unit anywhere to relieve sore throats, dry eyes and other annoyances by naturally elevating the moisture level in your home.

Simply place our humidifier on top of the A/C ventilation or on any table; our G-Midifier will do the rest!!!

Less bacteria, mold, and/or germs grow in the water reservior

Less frequent filter changes (Filters last several years if properly cleaned)

- No electricity necessary (every year $100-400 of electric bill can be saved)

Low initial investment cost

- Eco-friendly humidifier

- Dishwasher safe

- No noise

- No breakdowns

- No moving parts such as motor, fan, switch among others

- Never worry about over-humidification

- Naturally controls humidity (achieves the optimum humidity level of 25-55%)

- Easy to move from one room to another

- Dimensions are L*W*H=14*7.5*7 inch


G-Midifier, non electric humidifier, is one of the best performing hygienic green humidifiers in the world.  According to Amazon customer reviews, hundreds of electric humidifiers received only 2-3 stars; whereas, G-Midifier received 4.5 stars.  Other companies, such as Improvements, Simply Good Stuff, Auction and Naver, show the highest customer reviews too.



Q: How frequently do I need to replace the G-Midifier filters?

A: It varies from one customer to another.  Normally, the filters last for a few years if you clean them regularly and properly.

Q: Tell me how to clean the filters if I don't have a dishwasher.

A: Without removing filters, dipping in cold water with a half cup (4OZ) of vinegar is a good way to remove the stain on filters for 6-7 hours.  Rinse thoroughly with cold tap water.  A few cleanings a month will do.




Q: The filter color changes into light orange or yellow pretty soon.  Are these bacteria or molds?

A: No.  There are bacteria or molds in the air not in most US tap water.  If bacteria or mold were in any US tap water, many people would get sick.  This is our everyday drinking water.

The molds are black dots and the size is about 1/8" diameter or bigger.  Although we try our best reducing mold and bacteria by using anti-microbial plastic and filters, mold can be found in very rare cases.  According to the statistics from the past sales, 1.75 molded G-Midifier out of 1,000 sales are reported.  In case of mold in the warranty period, please take a picture and email us.  We will replace with new filters for free.

Cleaning mold can be possible by dipping in diluted bleach water.  But, please do not use bleach cleaning filters.  Bleach might be harmful to human body.  Replacing filters is recommended.


The light orange or yellow color on the tips of filters is from the minerals in tap water.  If you use distilled water or reverse osmosis filtered water, there will be no color change for long time.  

The pure white color filters enable you to notice the color changes quickly for the customer hygiene.

Q: How often do I have to clean the filters?

A: It depends on the customer preference and concentration of minerals in the water.  Cleaning a couple of times per month is recommended.  It will not that easy cleaning filters after they get too dirty.  Cleaning a G-Midifier filter is a lot easier than those of any electric humidifiers.

Q: Can I use a dryer to dry filters?

A: No.  Using dryers are not recommended.  Please avoid the sun shine when drying filters.  Since the filters are always wet in G-Midifier, you do not have to dry them after cleanings.

Q: What is the filters made of?

A: The filters are made of polyester: the same material as transparent plastic water bottles.

Q: How does G-Midifier control bacteria and molds growth?

A: Anti-bacterial treatments for both the raw material of filters and plastic containers help diminish bacteria and molds growth in G-Midifier.  The workers in the factory practice safe hygiene the manufacturing process.

Q: What is the difference between using a G-Midifier and placing a pan of water?

A: Each G-Midifier plastic container has 15 tunnels in the center.  Those tunnels enable warm air move upward from the bottom to top and mix with the cool air above the water surface in between the tunnels.  This effect generates the evaporation much easier and more quickly than a pan of water.  If you have a pan of water, the cool air moves upward cylindrically and does not mix well with warm air in the room.  The temperature of the water surface in a pan is much colder than that of the water in the filters.  You may need several pans of water to get a similar result of one G-Midifier.

Q: What is the difference between hanging a wet towel and using a G-Midifier?

A: Hanging a wet towel will work fine.  But, one wet towel is not enough to humidify a room.  Using a G-Midifier is equivalent to hanging 10 wet towels.

Q: Can one G-Midifier replace an electric humidifier?

A: G-Midifier can replace most electric humidifiers.  G-Midifier naturally controls into an optimal humidity level of 25-55%.  Warm or cool mist humidifiers always make soggy around the humidifiers because the mist particles we see are heavier than air.  Bacteria and mold grow not only inside electric humidifiers but also around them.

Q: Do I need a floor register to place G-Midifier on?

A: Yes and No.  You can place G-Midifier on anywhere you want.  If you place G-Midifier near the heat source, the evaporation will be much quicker and get a higher humidity level than placing on a table.  You can place G-Midifier on a table or desk near your bed and will have enough humidity in a regular room.




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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5
Makes a difference
I have been using this over a forced air heater and it makes a noticeable difference in my sleeping comfort. During the course of a typical night I don't ever feel dried out as opposed to when I wasn't using this device. Works a lot better than a bowl of water as well. Very happy I bought it.
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5 out of 5
Great for the dryness of a woodstove using house
Rather than a humidity level between 10 and 10%, it's now 50% near my work desk. It's really helpful: my eyes aren't as dry and my plants are considerably perkier.
Reviewed by:  on 
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Found It Helpful

5 out of 5
So simple and it works well
We have hot water radiant heating in our home so do not have the option of adding a humidifier unit to our furnace. We had been using noisy humidifiers in the winter months for the bedrooms, but we were looking for a cheaper, quieter option. We found the G-midifier on the internet and it looked simple enough and the concept seemed sound. The question was if it would humidify enough for our dry winters. We've been using two of them in two of our rooms for a month now and they are working great. No more dry eyes or throat when we wake up in the morning. No electricity used and no noise! Perfect.
Reviewed by:  on 
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5 out of 5
Surprisingly good
This inexpensive product makes a big difference in the humidity level in my bedroom. I have to fill it often, but that's a good thing--the water evaporates into the air.
Reviewed by:  on 
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In October 2011, one of our oversea clients took an anti-bacterial lab test without the prior consent.  Fortunately, the result was excellent.  G-Midifier is good for babies and children.  Please find enclosed test report.