CleanCare Air Purifier with nine filtration steps

CleanCare Air Purifier

Price: $449.00
  • Item #: HAS6001
  • Manufacturer: Enputech
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Roland or Amway air cleaners have just three filtration steps: a pre-filter, hepa filter, and carbon filter.  The retail price is between $1,200 and 1,700.  The annual filter change cost runs from $150-250. 

Customers might believe the air will be good for their loving families because they invested a lot of money for purchasing the air cleaner.  Yes, these air cleaners are really good for removing dust and pollens.  But, their functions are not good enough removing cancer causing toxic chemicals, bad odors, bacteria, and virus.

CleanCare air purifier equipped with a pre-filter, hepa filter, carbon filter, three photo catalytic filters, two UV lamps, and one electronic anion generator. 

According to lab tests, CleanCare removes 93.5% of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and styrene within two hours.  CleanCare also kill 91.3% of bacteria and virus, such as salmonella, vibrio cholerae, legionella, hepatitis, poliovirus, and among others within two hours.

The annual filter change cost of CleanCare is just $80 since catalytic filters last for the life of the product just like people never change the catalytic converters in their cars.

CleanCare is really different from the competition.  According to testimonials of CleanCare customers verify the amazing performance.  Very sensitive customers with allergies, kids, the elders, and patients notice the air quality difference instantly.

One CleanCare can cover 900 square feet.  S&H is free in US except Hawaii and Alaska.

It is really really different.  We guarantee it.